Monday, February 28, 2011

Portfolio - 2/15/2012

CG Work:

Liquid in the Hallway:
Modeled collision geometry in Maya.
Simulated physics in Houdini.
Shaded and Rendered using Mantra.
Comped in Nuke.

Yellow Pepper:
Geometry and Lights in Maya.
Slim Procedural Shader.
Rendered with RenderMan.

Estephan's TV:
Designed and modeled by the Estefan Team.
Shaded procedural using Maya Hypershade.
Photoshop used to paint dials and screen static.
Screen Static animated with a transform expression on the UV placement.

Bug Assignment (Maya, MentalRay):
I went for a more mechanical look for my bug.  It gave me an opportunity to play with procedural texturing and some dynamics.  Everything in image was created in Maya and rendered using MentalRay.

Teapot Assignment (Maya, Photoshop, Renderman):
First Assignment in Maya.  I would change a lot in this piece.  Namely, an occlusion pass, more detail on the textures, and fix the shaders, adding displacement and bump.
Attempt at copper teapot and wood.  Textures were hand painted in Photoshop for everything except the wood.  Wood textures were taken from photos.  

Digital Drawings (Photoshop):

Robot (Texture Focus):

Figure Drawings: